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GEO Group Systems


Our FastTime® Leadership System is organized around 3 mindsets:

  • Think Strategically
  • Focus Sharply
  • Move Quickly

These mindsets form a fast-cycle framework with 9 proven principles.

Checklists based on the principles guide you in:

  • Shaping strategic objectives
  • Deciding where to focus resources
  • Aligning for rapid, parallel action

This system delivers an execution edge

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The Collective Intelligence System has three key benefits:

  • Fast-cycle Meetings - Using our virtual tools, you will accomplish more in one hour online than you typically would in two hours face-to-face.
  • Accelerated Decisions - Using our virtual processes, you will increase the frequency and flexibility of idea sharing and speed of decisions.
  • Increased Productivity - Using our virtual facilitation services, you will be free to fully focus your energy on the critical issues.

This system delivers smarter solutions.

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Our Executive Coaching System has a 3-phase coaching cycle:

  • AIM to create the right improvement goals and plans aligned with the rest of the organization.

  • ACT to implement the plans, monitor results and provide appropriate feedback and support.

  • ASSESS performance against the goals and success measures that were agreed to in the AIM phase.

Each phase has three steps that establish a simple, but highly effective coaching discipline.

This system delivers better performance.

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