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Our systems and services offer a wide range of benefits.

Work in new ways.

“This process has changed the way I work…my attitude, my perspective and my behaviors!"

— Mike Roberts, Former President, McDonald’s Corporation

Meet aggressive goals.

“I am truly amazed by how much we accomplished in how little time. We met some very aggressive goals!"

— Hardy Wentz, Former Initiative Leader, Weyerhaeuser Canada

Change faster.

“FastTime® principles were at the core of our transformation. We used them for fast, fundamental change and they worked!"

— Sandy Ogg, Former Corporate Director, Motorola Corporation

Transform your business.

“GEO Group helped us transform a near extinct business to a $20 million sale in 36 months.”

— Cliff Tompkins, Founder and CEO Prepaid Concepts Corporation

Accelerate decisions.

“GEO’s online process accelerated our critical R&D decisions significantly reduced our time to market."

— Barney Saunders, Fmr. VP & General Manager of Bio-Research Solutions, Agilent Technologies

Build better plans.

“In my 21 years in HP / Agilent, this the best business plan I've ever seen rolled out!"

— Glenn May, Frm. SPG Corporate Account Manager, Agilent Technologies

Virtually engage stakeholders.

“GEO’s System was a cost-effective way to virtually engage more stakeholders in critical conversations.”

— Phil Leupold, Regional General Manager, Weyerhaeuser Corporation