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Collaborative Learning Service

Collaborative Learning begins with open minds, smart questions and all eyes on the same prize.

— Leland Russell, Founder and CEO,
GEO Group Strategic Services LLC


Collaborative Learning refers to a high-value process in which learners:

  • Are assigned a common goal and deliverables
  • Depend on and are accountable to each other
  • Have both face-to-face and online conversations
  • Exchange, debate and negotiate ideas as a group
  • Develop critical thinking skills and reframe beliefs

GEO’s Collaborative Learning Service has two goals: delivering rapid results and building your collaboration capabilities. Topics may be as broad as determining the future direction of your organization, or as narrow as selecting a new information system. The deliverables could be new ways to enhance revenue, or how to transform the corporate culture.

GEO offers no ‘off-the shelf’ solutions. Our Collaborative Learning solutions are creatively shaped to meet your precise objectives.

To get a sense of where we are coming from, check out our 2-minute video.

Proven Track Record

Since our inception we have produced many high-impact Collaborative Learning programs and events. The interactive conference format we developed for firms such as HP, Warner-Lambert and 3M, enables large groups to come together to expand their personal perspectives, learn about best practices and collaborate to meet common challenges.

Below are several examples of our work.

  • EastWest Institute engaged GEO to design a special one-day ‘horizon thinking’ event for The Worldwide Security Conference, which was held in Brussels, Belgium and co-sponsored by EastWest Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the World Customs Organization.
  • BellSouth Leadership Institute engaged GEO to design and produce three video-supported learning programs for its executive education series, "Our Competitive Marketplace". The programs included interviews with the BellSouth’s Chairman and other top leaders, as well as the top five Wall Street analysts.
  • General Motors engaged GEO to create a customized version of our leadership video program, "Tearing Down The Walls", for use in a company-wide change initiative. This customized program was delivered by in-house staff in a series of workshops which reached 57,000 GM managers.
  • Hewlett-Packard engaged GEO to design and produce a large-scale, interactive meeting for its top 350 executives. The meeting utilized 120 networked laptop computers to gather in-depth information and facilitate audience-presenter interaction, remote presenters via satellite from Europe, and a variety of media—music, video and panoramic still images of HP's history.
  • The Health Forum, a leading-edge healthcare think tank, engaged GEO to collaborate on a national leadership study sponsored by Eastman Kodak Company. This research resulted in a widely distributed Collaborative Learning program, "Bridging the Leadership Gap", which was used by hundreds of healthcare organizations in their internal leadership workshops, board retreats and stakeholder meetings.
  • Texas Instruments (“TI”) engaged GEO for three major Collaborative Learning projects over a two-year period. The projects included:
    • A "media immersion experience" to introduce TI’s new vision at their annual global leadership conference
    • A strategic communications cascade program for world-wide distribution with leadership video interviews conducted with TI’s Chairman, CEO and other top leaders.
    • A series of fourteen “Innovation Insights” video modules, which were the foundation of a year-long series of Collaborative Learning workshops with TI’s top 300 leaders

If you are looking for a highly creative Collaboration Learning solution, explore the possibilities with GEO