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GEO Collective Intelligence

“GEO’s Collective Intelligence System was a cost-effective way to virtually engage our stakeholders in critical conversations.”

“The mass of ideas we quickly captured was impressive—tapping Collective Intelligence works!“

“Our leadership team made better decisions because they were getting unfiltered real-time information.”



In a Newsweek article, "Google – Ten Golden Rules," the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, and the company’s chief economist, Hal Varian, explained why they tap the Collective Intelligence to make decisions:

“Modern corporate mythology has the unique decision maker as hero. At Google, we adhere to the view that the many are smarter than the few, and therefore solicit a broad base of views before reaching any decision.”

There is a long history of compelling evidence about the power of Collective Intelligence. For example, during the 1950s, the Delphi Method was developed to harness the Collective Intelligence of a group of experts on national security issues. It has been widely used in business because it consistently increases the accuracy of forecasting.

In his book, The Wisdom of Crowds, James Surowiecki provides numerous examples of how diverse groups, because of their combined knowledge, experience and thinking capability, can be smarter than a brilliant individual or an elite few—better at predicting the future, solving complex problems, fostering innovation and coming to wise decisions.

The secret to tapping Collective Intelligence is three-fold:

  • Diversity - A group with different thinking styles, life experiences, expertise and information sources
  • Challenge - A task that is intellectually demanding, open-ended, and involves higher order thinking skills
  • Openness - Each individual having the freedom to express their ideas and share their knowledge

Given the rate of change today, it is essential to tap Collective Intelligence quickly and efficiently. The question is how? Our experience has been that the key is leveraging virtual tools. because they:

(a) greatly simplify the logistics of getting the right minds together at the right time;
(b) allow a broad spectrum of thinking to be quickly captured and synthesized.

Since there is an infinite variety of virtual tools available on the market today, so people sometimes ask, “What is different about your Collective Intelligence System?”

The GEO’s System is unique because it utilizes a Collective Intelligence Toolkit that enables efficient, cost-effective engagement of geographically dispersed groups in collaborative thinking and action.

Below is a brief description of eight of the tools in our a Collective Intelligence Toolkit.

Parallel Processing

The Collective Intelligence Toolkit enables Parallel Processing—addressing multiple tasks simultaneously.

Weyerhaeuser, one of the largest wood products companies in the world, used Parallel Processing to accelerate solutions during a massive restructuring initiative.

The top 300 leaders organized into 25 virtual teams that tapped the Collective Intelligence of the group. Each week the virtual teams met online to review progress and identify urgent issues. The group maintained transparency via weekly feedback loops among the 25 action teams and the top leadership team. Whole group alignment was sustained via a monthly ‘All Hands’ meetings with all 300 leaders attending virtually.

The use of a Collective Intelligence Toolkit not only allowed the group to anticipate problems and rapidly seize opportunities, it also saved everyone a significant amount of time. No one spent more than 60 minutes a week in the virtual meetings because the meetings were designed and facilitated to be fast and smart.

Smarter Solutions

What would happen if you began tapping the Collective Intelligence in your organization using our toolkit?
Think about it. Consider these questions:

  • What are your top challenges and opportunities today?
  • What are some of the potential costs of delay in meeting your top challenges?
  • What would be some of the potential benefits of smarter solutions for just one opportunity?

Explore how GEO’s Collective Intelligence System can help you produce smarter solutions today.