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Design Thinking Service

"My life blood is fast design, and this is coupled with a consuming desire to know why some boats are fast and others slow."

Dennis Conner, America's Cup Winner


GEO’s Design Thinking Service is a solutions-focused approach to the "building up" ideas. To find the best ways to meet a high priority challenge or opportunity, outside-the-box perspectives are encouraged. The process steps aren't linear; they can occur simultaneously and can be repeated.

The “building up” of ideas is a collaborative effort. Your team brings an understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities, as well as the organizational perspective (i.e., how things work in your organization). Our team brings a deep knowledge base and expertise on how to accelerate smart, innovative solutions.

GEO’s Design Thinking process and philosophy are described in the graphic below.

How we Achieve Rapid Results

Using our Collective Intelligence System, we accelerate the Design Thinking process in three ways:

  • Fast-cycle Meetings - Using our virtual tools, you accomplish more in one hour online than you typically would in two hours face-to-face.
  • Accelerated Decisions - Using our virtual processes, you increase the frequency and flexibility of idea sharing and speed of decisions.
  • Increased Productivity - Using our virtual facilitation services, you will be free to fully focus your energy on the critical design issues.

Design Thinking Benefits

What could you expect when you use our Design Thinking Services?

  • Better models for innovative thinking
  • Rapid capturing and integration of ideas
  • More original and appealing design solutions
  • Quickly building prototypes and testing them
  • Engaged people taking innovation to a higher level