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Execution Excellence Service

"GEO’s Execution Excellence Service has proven to be a turning point in the Execution of our business!"

— Barney Saunders, Fmr. VP & General Manager of Agilent Technologies Bio-Research Solutions


The purpose of GEO’s Execution Excellence Service is to help you lead faster, more effective execution by:

  • Developing a gap analysis and action plan for your top execution challenges
  • Identifying your execution obstacles and applying proven principles to overcome them
  • Learning the Cardinal Rules for high-velocity execution and how to embed them into your culture
  • Having a hands-on experience on how to accelerate execution across levels, functions and locations

The service includes how to:

  • Conduct a fast, efficient assessment of your organization’s current execution effectiveness.
  • Achieve faster, better Execution results by using a comprehensive set of execution checklists.
  • Use a virtual toolkit to accelerate execution across levels, functions and locations.

The service is delivered in three ways:

  • Customized online learning
  • Customized on-site workshop
  • Consulting on execution issues

Recommended clients for our Execution Excellence Service include

  • Senior leaders and top teams with overall responsibility for an organization or unit
  • Mission-critical teams who want to accelerate Execution of a priority project
  • Leaders and managers at all levels who have key Execution responsibilities
  • Senior staff directors, e.g., directors of strategy, HR, leadership development and organizational development

Exceptional Value

As you think about the value of the takeaway practices, processes and tools from our Execution Excellence Service, consider three questions:

  • What are your most significant Execution challenges and opportunities today?
  • What are some of the potential costs of delay in solving even one of those problems?
  • What are some of the potential benefits of accelerating success with even one opportunity?

Gain an execution edge today.