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5 Frequently Asked Questions about GEO systems and services

1. What kinds of PROBLEMS do you address?

Some examples of the kinds of problems GEO has addressed include:

  • Organization is not growing or is losing market share
  • Market has changed; strategy needs to be updated
  • People don’t connect strategy to their day-to-day role
  • Resources are not sharply focused on the right things
  • Insuffficent level of performance and accountability
  • Pace of planning and execution is behind the change curve

2. What are the BENEFITS of your systems?

Some of the bottom line business benefits include:

  • Smarter strategic thinking without wasting time
  • Sharply focused plans that leverage available resources
  • Rapid execution with real-time learning and adaptation
  • Responding quickly to emerging opportunities and threats
  • More growth opportunities and alternative business models

There are also direct benefits for the leaders we work with. These include:

  • Greater situational awareness by getting unfiltered information
  • Less stress knowing that all resources are sharply focused on delivering results
  • Increased productivity because people are on the same page working together
  • Less time and energy required to explore alternatives and orchestrate actions
  • Confidence that you will be better able to meet key stakeholder expectations

3. What is the PROFILE of your ideal client?

Our ideal client is a leader who:

  • Wants to achieve spectacular results
  • Values consistency amd aligned efforts
  • Is open to exploring new ways of working

4. What coaching FORMATS do you use?

We have three coaching formats:

  • Individual Coaching to accelerate results for an individual leader’s top priorities
  • Team Coaching to accelerate the effectiveness of leadership in high stakes teams
  • Group Coaching to accelerate organizational thinking, planning and implementation

5. What makes GEO Group unique?

Here are five differentiators:

  • Our systems and services have a track record for accelerating success.
  • We combine fast, smart strategic thinking with fast, aggressive execution.
  • Our “open planning” process improves plan quality and builds commitment.
  • We have an online platform that accelerates collaboration and alignment.
  • While we do consult, our goal is to transfer knowledge and skills to our clients.

We look forward to answering your questions.