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FastTime® Leadership System

FastTime® Leadership produced outstanding ROI results. Within one year, our sales were up 10% (highest growth rate ever in a mature flat market); Our profits were up 58% and return on assets was up 60%.

Ed Jones, former CFO and Director of Industrial Planning, Weyerhaeuser Corporation


FastTime® Leadership System is based on the book Winning In FastTime® . The book has been enthusiastically endorsed by many senior business and non-profit executives, senior military officers and best-selling authors. GEO Group’s Founder, Leland Russell, co-authored the book with John warden, one of America's premier strategic thinkers.

When they started writing together, Russell asked Warden a seminal question, “What were the mindsets that led to your extraordinary military success?” Warden paused for a moment and then crisply replied, “Think Strategically, Focus Sharply, and Move Quickly.”

  • The Think Strategically mindset is about the formulation of a winning approach to achieve goals.
  • The Focus Sharply mindset is about the translation of a winning approach into tactical action plans.
  • The Move Quickly mindset is about achieving speed you need to succeed with parallel actions.

Each mindset contains Success Principles. As you can see in the table below, the Success Principles are antidotes for Common Obstacles

Each of the nine Success Principles translates into actions that accelerate results. Together, the Mindsets, Principles and Actions provide a fast-cycle framework for achieving rapid results.

Execution Edge

What would happen if you adopted this fast-cycle framework?
Think about it. Consider these questions:

  • What are your top challenges and opportunities today?
  • What are some of the potential costs of delay in meeting your top challenges?
  • What would be some of the potential benefits of an execution edge on just one opportunity?

Explore how the FastTime® Leadership System can help you gain an execution edge today.