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Leland Russell

Frank Wagner, Ph.D.

Leland Russell

“Leland is always the visionary, always the leader, always the dear and trusted friend.”

—Frances Hesselbein, One of the most highly respected experts in the field of leadership; awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States of America’s highest civilian honor; CEO of The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute; Co-founder of the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management; Former CEO of Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.; Editor of the award-winning quarterly journal Leader to Leader and co-editor of 27 books in 30 languages; author of "Hesselbein on Leadership" and "My Life in Leadership"

LELAND RUSSELL is a thought leader on 21st century leadership. He is the founder of GEO Group Strategic Services and the primary architect of the GEO Group's three leadership systems: FastTime® Leadership, Collective Intelligence and Executive Coaching.

Leland’s book, Winning In FastTime®, has been enthusiastically endorsed by many top corporate and non-profit executives, senior military leaders and best-selling authors.

As a Strategic Advisor, Executive coach and Leadership Speaker, Leland's clients have included firms like Agilent Technologies, Dunkin Brands, McDonald’s, Motorola, Texas Instruments and Weyerhaeuser, as well as many mid-size firms. His typical clients are CEO’s, heads of business units, corporate functions and top teams who face tough leadership challenges and want fast breakthrough performance.

“I am truly amazed by how much we accomplished in how little time. We met some very aggressive goals!"
— Hardy Wentz, Former Initiative Leader, Weyerhaeuser Canada

“This process has changed the way I work…my attitude, my perspective and my behaviors!"
— Mike Roberts, Former President, McDonald’s Corporation

In addition to his corporate work, Leland has served a wide variety of other non-profit organizations like Health Forum, The International Leadership Association and the Society for The Science and the Public.

For over a decade he has been a Strategic Advisor and Executive Coach to the CEO of the EastWest Institute, a ‘think-and-do tank’ focused on pressing global security concerns.

"Leland Russell has an uncanny ability to add value at both ends of complex projects and reviews—the vision and strategic objectives side, as well as the next steps, practical side. He has been invaluable to me in helping make important things happen."
—John Mroz, CEO, EastWest Institute, is an advisor to the G-8 and more than 20 governments and the G-8; recipient of numerous international awards including Germany's highest award to a non-citizen in recognition of the role he and EastWest Institute played in facilitating German reunification.

From 2008 to 2010, Leland was a strategic advisor to the CEO of the Project on National Security Reform, a bi-partisan non-profit focused on one of the most comprehensive security reform initiatives in American history.

“Leland has been a trusted strategic advisor to me and the Project On National Security Reform for the past two years. With his advanced ideas and powerful insights, as well as his energy and enthusiasm, he has made a tremendous contribution to our cause. I am personally grateful that he is my friend and for all that he has given to me and to the nation.”
— James R. Locher, III, President & CEO of the Project on National Security Reform, primary architect of the Goldwater-Nichols Defense Reorganization Act of 1986 and the Cohen-Nunn Amendment that established the U.S. Special Operations Command and former Chairman of the Defense Reform Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

21st Century Leadership Challenge: Execution Excellence

Leland focuses on designing solutions to the 21st century leadership challenge ranked number one by CEOs worldwide — Execution Excellence. His cutting-edge processes and tools drive faster, smarter execution across functions, levels and locations. The Virtual Facilitation Service he designed for GEO Group accelerates the tempo, scale and impact of collective thinking and action. The global innovation platform he designed for Texas Instruments, TI Tomorrow, was a finalist for the prestigious Computerworld Smithsonian Award, which recognizes “the most important applications of information technology to society” each year.

Leland's Custom Programs and Workshops

Leland has produced many high-impact leadership programs and action-learning workshops. The interactive conference format he developed in his work with firms such as HP, Warner-Lambert and 3M, enables large groups to come together to expand their personal perspectives, learn about best practices and collaborate to meet common challenges.

Leland is the author and narrator of several widely-acclaimed video programs on leadership and change. His leadership model for mastering change — The GEO Paradigm, has been licensed for use in leadership development programs by over 1000 organizations worldwide.

A Sample of Leland’s custom LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS

EastWest Institute engaged Leland to design a special one-day ‘horizon thinking’ event for The Worldwide Security Conference, which was held in Brussels, Belgium and co-sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, World Customs Organization and The EastWest Institute. Leland designed the third day of the conference, which explored ways to accelerate solutions to some of our greatest human security threats. He also co-authored the white paper — "A Day In The Future" — that set the context for the event with Dr. Greg Austin, the Director of the Global Security program at The EastWest Institute.

BellSouth Leadership Institute engaged Leland to design and produce three video-supported learning programs for its executive education series, "Our Competitive Marketplace". The programs included interviews with the BellSouth’s Chairman and other top leaders, as well as the top five analysts on Wall Street. The program Russell produced was used to cascade a strategic change message throughout the BellSouth organization.

General Motors engaged Leland to create a customized version of his leadership video, "Tearing Down The Walls", for use in a company-wide change initiative. This program was delivered by in-house staff in a series of workshops which reached 57,000 GM managers.

Hewlett-Packard engaged Leland to design and produce a large-scale, interactive meeting for its top 350 executives. The meeting utilized 120 networked laptop computers to gather in-depth information and facilitate audience-presenter interaction, remote presenters via satellite from Europe, and a variety of media (audio, video, panoramic scenes of HP's history).

The Health Forum, a leading-edge healthcare think tank, engaged Leland to collaborate on a national leadership study sponsored by Eastman Kodak Company. This research resulted in a widely distributed leadership learning program written and narrated by Leland, "Bridging the Leadership Gap", which was used by hundreds of healthcare organizations in their internal leadership workshops, board retreats and stakeholder meetings.

Texas Instruments (“TI”) engaged Leland for four major projects over a two-year period. The projects included:

  • A "media immersion experience" to introduce TI’s new vision at their annual global leadership conference
  • A strategic communications cascade program for world-wide distribution with leadership video interviews conducted by Leland with TI’s Chairman, CEO and other top leaders in Dallas as well as in England, Japan, France and Germany;
  • A series of fourteen “Innovation Insights” video modules, which were the foundation of a year-long series of leadership workshops with TI’s top 300 leaders
  • An online knowledge navigation system for leaders, “TI Tomorrow”, which was a finalist for the prestigious Computerworld Smithsonian Award, which recognizes “the most important applications of information technology to society” each year.