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Virtual Facilitation Service


: to make (something) easier : to help cause (something)
: to help (something) run more smoothly and effectively

— Merriam-Webster Dictionary


There are three key differentiators in how GEO approaches Virtual Facilitation.

At the core of GEO’s approach is an interactive online agenda that literally keeps everyone on the same page. This allows us to facilitate a fast-cycle virtual dialogue using two conversation channels: audio conferencing and collaborations tools. For example, we might facilitate a 5-minute of discussion of an issue and then ask the participants to spend 5 minutes responding to questions using the virtual tools.

GEO’s Virtual Facilitation Service is particularly helpful when there are complex issues with diverse perspectives and interests, and where creativity and collaboration are required to achieve consensus.

Our typical approach is to move a group toward consensus over three online sessions:

  • In session 1 - Discuss the issue and answer some simple questions using online tools.
  • In session 2 - Review and rate a synthesis draft of prior answers and suggest changes.
  • In session 3 - Review and finalize a revised deliverable draft.

The weekly cycle of work before and following online sessions is described in the graphic below.

Virtual Facilitation Benefits

What can you expect when you use our Virtual Facilitation Service?

  • Greater Participation - Everyone can ‘say their piece’ using the virtual tools
  • Focused Conversations - Deliberateness to the dialogue with a clear purpose and process.
  • Collaborative Consensus - Knowing that decisions have been thoroughly discussed and vetted.
  • Time Shift - Spending less time in meetings making decisions and more time implementing them.
  • Commitment - Because the group works through the decisions they tend to strongly support them.

Explore how GEO’s Virtual Facilitation Service can help you meet your challenges today.